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ADHD Beginners Course: With United We Care, Find ADHD Beginners Course For Success

April 28, 2023

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Author : United We Care
ADHD Beginners Course: With United We Care, Find ADHD Beginners Course For Success


Having a child with ADHD can be challenging for the child and their caregivers. Children with ADHD have brains that function differently, which causes many behavioral and social concerns. In the face of these issues, parents often feel frustrated because, despite their intention to help, they cannot help their children. To aid the parents, the United We Care platform offers a beginner’s course for ADHD that brings expert advice and supervision rights to their homes.

What is the ADHD Beginners course?

The ADHD Beginners course is a 45-day course designed for children aged 6-17 years with suspected or diagnosed ADHD as well as families of these children. The system puts their parents in touch with a psychologist and parenting coach who help them understand what ADHD is, how it may be impacting their child, and what strategies can be used to manage it.

How to Start ADHD Beginners Course?

Children with ADHD often struggle with paying attention, staying organized, controlling impulses, and may be hyperactive. They face these issues in almost all environments (school, home, playground, etc.), impacting their academic and social lives and leading to frustration and inadequacy.

When facing a disorder like ADHD, it is essential to remember that every child is different, and ADHD will be different in each child. It is, therefore, necessary to recognize both strengths and issues that the child is facing and how other areas of the child’s life are being impacted.

If ADHD is diagnosed or suspected, one can enroll in the ADHD Beginner course on the United We Care website [1] by registering using an email. The five-week-long period begins with an assessment. Once the child’s unique profile is available, consultation with experts is provided, along with lifetime access to worksheets, videos, and activities that can benefit the child.

The basic requirements of the course are a quiet place for sessions and a seamless internet connection. The self-paced course requires the parent to understand and practice the activities with the child.

What are The Benefits of An ADHD Beginners Course?

The course is beneficial both for the parent and for the child.

Benefits Of the Parent for ADHD Beginners Course

Benefits Of the Parent for ADHD Beginners Course

1. The parent learns about the child’s unique behavioral patterns and symptoms along with their children’s strengths.

2. One-on-one consultation with experts allows them to assuage their doubts and learn more about ADHD and its impact.

3. Parents acquire tools and techniques for behavior modification that are backed by research, taught by experts, and show a positive impact. They also get lifetime access to these exercises.

4. Parents learn techniques to manage their child’s aggression, especially public displays of aggression

5. Finally, parents are taught relaxation strategies to manage their stress, which often develops when working with ADHD in the family.

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Benefits For The Child for ADHD Beginners Course

Benefits For The Child for ADHD Beginners Course

1. Children get adequate intervention, increasing the chance of positive adjustment. The course is as effective as face-to-face therapy.

2. Since the effect of treatment is progressive, repetition of activities positively impacts the child’s symptoms.

3. Improvement in attention and emotional regulation can be expected.

4. Do it along with engaging videos, encourage practice, and sustain children’s interests.

5. Changes in the family provide children with an environment that understands and supports them. In the long run, this positively impacts the child’s self-esteem.

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The 45-day ADHD course with United We Care is a research-based course that provides parents and children with practical strategies to manage ADHD at home and access to expert psychologists and parenting coaches. If you suspect your child to have ADHD, this course can help you assuage doubts and obtain exercises that will positively impact your child’s well-being and growth.


[1] (no date) Find the right professional – United We Care. Available here:  (Accessed: April 4, 2023).

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