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Mom Wellness Program: Why Should You choose First Time Mom Wellness Program by United We Care?

May 30, 2023

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Author : United We Care
Mom Wellness Program: Why Should You choose First Time Mom Wellness Program by United We Care?


Being a new mother is full of challenges. New mothers are in the middle of a big emotional, physical, and lifestyle transition. Women are also at risk of postpartum depression following the birth of their child. It can become daunting to face all this without adequate social and informational support. To help women cope with these changes, United We Care offers the “First Time Mom Wellness Program” [1]. This article will break down the benefits of this program.

What Is The First Time Mom Wellness Program?

United We Care offers a wellness program for the well-being and support of First-time mothers [1]. Research has shown that first-time mothers are at risk for mental illness, psychological distress, and postpartum depression [2]. This distress appears different for different mothers, and up to 80% of the women, regardless of their education, race, and income, experience it [2].

Social support is essential to combat this distress. According to some authors, this support should include emotional support or a space to express and process feelings; informational support with correct guidance on parenting practices, resources, and strategies; instrumental support with behavioral aids; encouragement; and social companionship [2]. Having such supportive spaces can reduce distress and promote well-being for mothers.

The United We Care Mom Wellness program combines the above in a 6-week program that offers expert guidance to you, the new mother. The program includes guidance from an expert life coach and nutritionist and consultation sessions for you and your partner. The program consists of the following:

  • Sessions with a nutritionist and life coach
  • Live meditations and yoga  sessions
  • Art therapy sessions
  • Introduction to mindfulness
  • Music therapy sessions
  • Dance Therapy sessions
  • Container Therapy Sessions
  • Information on Emotional Regulation
  • Video sessions on managing postpartum depression
  • Worksheets to manage anxiety, built intimacy, and banish self-doubts
  • Worksheets for self-care practice
  • Sharing circles for mothers

The course is highly accessible and conducted in an online format. The program’s basic requirements are a dedicated time to join and practice the exercises, access to art material, headphones, a yoga mat, pen, paper, bowl, and a good internet connection.

How Does The Mom Wellness Program Help People?

The First Time Mom Wellness program is a 6-week program that offers new mothers much-needed social, emotional, and informational support. It helps you care for your nutritional, physical, and emotional needs and promote overall well-being. This aids in the psychological distress you may feel after the birth of your child. The Mom Wellness program moves beyond traditional counseling by taking a multidimensional approach for the best results. The course helps you to:

How does the Mom wellness program help people?

  1. Take time out for self.
  2. Create a plan
  3. Obtain adequate help.

The first week enhances the understanding of changes that you may be going through. It also encourages introducing you to self-care practices, guided meditation, and relaxation techniques. The first week also has live yoga and consultation with a nutritionist.

The second week gives practical tips to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes. There is information about motherhood, guided meditation to connect with the child, and live art therapy sessions conducted by experts.

Many mothers may face identity crises and negativity and struggle with time management and postpartum depression, and the third week addresses these concerns. On the other hand, week four helps manage anxiety and introduces live music, container therapy sessions, and art therapy.

Weeks five and six provide you with consultation sessions with experts and a life coach. It also provides training to turn conflicts into fruitful discussions and improve partner intimacy. Support groups and Q&A sessions also allow you to share what you may be struggling with. Extending the course by one week is possible if the conditions around you make it difficult to complete it on time.

How Do You Get Enrolled In The Mom Wellness Program?

The program lasts six weeks and consists of well-researched resources, informational videos, live sessions for emotional well-being, and consultation with experts. Thus, it provides a one-stop solution for potential problems that you may face after the birth of your child.

To access the 6-week Mom Wellness course, you need to:

How Do You Get Enrolled in the Mom Wellness Program?

1. Visit the United We Care website

2. Click on Wellness Programs

3. Select the “First Time Mom Wellness Program

4. Click on Enroll Now

5. Use a valid email id to sign up for the program

6. Complete the registration process and get access to the 6-week program.

The program equips you to take better care of your child by ensuring that the couple prioritizes the mother’s health.


United We Care platform offers a 6-week First-Time Mom Wellness Program [1]. The program is curated and facilitated by experts and provides you with adequate social, emotional, and instrumental support. It consists of videos, worksheets, live sessions, yoga, music therapy, art therapy, container therapy, guided meditation, and consultation sessions with life coaches and nutritionists. Enrolling in the program, you can ensure that you are better equipped to face a range of lifestyle changes and have resources for optimal care of your child.

If you are a new mother or a soon-to-be mother and are daunted by what might come next for you, join the First time mom wellness program by United We Care. United We Care’s experts are committed to providing the best solution for your overall well-being.


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