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We are a collection of globally industry professionals dedicated to providing employee assistance programs as well as comprehensive services that have a substantial impact on employee mental health and well-being.

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For Forward-looking Enterprises

We Support

Lack of expertise to address the need of mental health and wellness  issues.

Providing access to modern Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services

Utilizing a real-time dashboard to track each employee’s well-being holistically

We Support

24/7 support and guaranteed appointments for continuous assistance

Seamless connectivity through virtual resources (mobile apps or websites) for quick assistance.

We Support

EAP should be an investment that pays off in the long run by.

Implementing sector-based curated programs under EAPs to address specific needs.

Ensuring transparent reporting of services being used and keeping track of overall organizational well-being.

We Support

Limited coverage for mental health services.

Complex and time-consuming reimbursement process.

We Support

Fragmented care coordination within the healthcare system.

Limited resources and funding for mental health support.

UWC’s Current Product Offerings



Our mental health and wellness coach accurately detects your state of mind and suggests solutions based on your problems.



We offer multiple assessments and tests to better evaluate and understand your well-being.


Virtual Live Coach and All-in-one Solution

Our AI-powered virtual live coach assists you throughout your well-being journey.We believe in providing the best all-in-one solution for individuals seeking mental health support.


Treatments and Holistic Care

Based on your diagnosis and assessments, we provide various treatment options that suit your case.United We Care provides comprehensive services that cater to all aspects of your mental well-being.

We are certified by

The Biggest Leap for Mankind

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    Interacts with 29 Languages
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    Understands 40+ human emotions
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    Intent detection with 90% accuracy
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    Trained on Multiple Therapeutic Methods Including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

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Mr. Ankur Nijhawan, AXA


Thank you UWC for bringing in speakers with varied experiences which was very well-acknowledged by our participants.It was a fantastic session! The beauty of the session was that these are very simple things which can be integrated as part of our daily life.

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