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Conflict Management in Relationships (Basic)

Relationships should bring comfort and upliftment, but conflicts are inevitable. 

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What to Expect

  • In-depth understanding of what gives rise to conflicts
  • Identifying patterns in your own behaviour
  • Understanding conflict resolution components like trust building and communication
  • Better understanding and management of your own triggers
  • Knowing your attachment style
  • Realising the importance of emotional regulation
  • Becoming more kind and forgiving through mindfulness practices
  • Love-language quiz
  • Improved anxiety management
  • Getting started with journaling

Healthifying conflict management

  • Better understanding of conflicts and their underlying reasons
  • Personality type identification
  • Importance of self-awareness
  • Importance of trust-building
  • Busting myths about conflicts
Module 2
  • Body scan meditation
  • Understanding and managing one’s own triggers
  • Knowing your attachment style
  • Learning to manage your anxiety
  • Getting started with journaling
Module 3
  • Emotional regulation through art therapy
  • Inner child healing through guided meditation
  • Understanding emotions better and building an emotional quotient (EQ)
  • Thought resolution through mindfulness practice
Module 4
  • Love language quiz
  • Learning to find common ground and common interests
  • Court-room activity
  • Imbibing forgiveness through mediation
  • Tips and quick pointers brochure

Why should you take this course?

Our course takes you on an introspective journey to work on your inward and outward responses. Efficient conflict resolution requires awareness of your personality and behaviours, openness to work on them, and consideration of alternate perspectives. Through explainers, activity videos, worksheets, quizzes, and questionnaires, our course provides the most effective conflict management toolkit. Emotion-intensive modules aim to build a long-term atmosphere of conflict resolution among partners.

About the expert

Farhat Sayed - LIFE COACH

Farhat is a relationship transformation coach with 4 years of experience in building better bonds for people in romantic & professional relationships. She believes in activity based sessions which turn out to be instrumental in a person’s healing journey.

Rs. 2999

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