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Are You Oversleeping? Here’s Why It Might Be Important

Sleeping is considered to be one of the most important parts of our life. A good night’s rest does wonders for your body, mind, your performance at work and school, and other areas of interest. Difficulty in waking up in the morning despite an alarm. Some are good, and some can be detrimental to physical and mental health. Here are a few: Oversleeping has the following effects on the body: It heightens the chances of developing diabetes. It may induce irritability and crankiness. If oversleeping cannot be attributed to medical ailments, the following measures may be recommended by health professionals or online counsellors: This keeps a record of your sleeping habits and would include details such as, when you fall asleep, when you wake up and how often you wake up during the night. In case your hypersomnia is a result of deteriorating mental health, it is crucial to seek therapy.

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Hyperfixation: Symptoms, Causes, and How to Cope with It

Introduction Have you ever almost missed your flight because you got so engrossed in cleaning up the house before you left? Or have you found yourself knee-deep in finishing your assignment until dawn, which made you forget all about meeting your friend for breakfast? It’s an occasional feeling that many of us can relate to.

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Understanding the Psychology Of a Software Developer

Understanding the Psychology Of a Software Developer

What drives them to work on the projects they do? To better understand the psychology of software developers, it’s essential to look at their day-to-day tasks and see how these activities relate to their overall goals. Graveyard shifts, which lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, are one of the primary reasons for the dwindling mental health of software developers. If software developers can think creatively and flexibly about problems, they will likely be more successful in finding solutions. For example, impostor syndrome is a genuine phenomenon in which highly successful individuals feel like they are frauds and don’t deserve their success. United We Care extends its expertise to understand better a software developer’s mental health and psychology.

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How to teach children about Good touch and bad touch

How to Teach Children About Good Touch and Bad Touch

Parents should prepare their children for any unwanted situation in today’s increasingly corrupt world [1]. Every parent wants to keep their child safe, and they must teach them to deal with every situation in life. Removing harmful objects from the skin is also safe to touch, done to protect the child. Friendly communication: Make your child feel comfortable and maintain a close relationship with them. Make yourself approachable: You should give proper time and care to your child. Contact Us,” United We Care | A Super App for Mental Wellness .

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A Quick Guide to Dealing with Anxiety

It is perfectly normal to feel anxious about something. Rapid breathing which does not go away easily. In this kind of anxiety disorder, intense anxiety and panic occur from misusing drugs or other medications. Proper exercise can ease anxiety and boost your self-confidence. Sleep is essential to treat anxiety and stress. Make a routine for yourself and even if you do not feel sleepy, lie in your bed with closed eyes. Try to be aware of what is causing your anxiety disorder. This will help you manage your anxiety better and control it. If self-help does not help you in controlling anxiety, medication and online psychological help is the best solution. Group therapy is an excellent way of treating anxiety, stress and depression. This will allow the mind to relax and will help in treating anxiety.

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Signs That Suggest You’re Depressed

It has been so many days that you have not come out of your room. Is there something wrong with your health? However, although depression affects the body and mind slowly, it is treatable with the right mental health counseling once diagnosed. It would be helpful for you to understand your signs and symptoms. You have made up your mind that nothing will change or improve in your life. You always look for an escape from everything and everyone around you. Here are the causes of depression: In some people, differences in some chemicals found in the brain can also lead to depression. But do not worry, take a deep breath, and read on. A mental health counseling professional’s role is to listen to your problems, provide his/her feedback, and work with you to find out and create the strategies to cope with depression.

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Mental Health Disorders: Recognize the Signs of Behavior Disorder

Mental health disorders are a group of disorders that affect one’s thinking, emotions and behavior. An individual forgets things as having a defense mechanism. Common symptoms of emotional disorders include: Wrong or inappropriate emotions in normal situations Learning difficulties that are not mapped to any other factors Difficulty in maintaining personal relationships with friends, siblings or even teachers A generalized feeling of sadness or depression Fear or anxiety related to school matters Some people tend to feel numb as they are under severe stress The treatment outcomes of emotional disorders are usually positive. Behavioral disorders can be caused due to biological, family and school-related factors. Their primary focus is to reach the root of the problem and modify how these negative and unwanted thoughts hamper the child’s behavior and upbringing. Other counseling types that are effective for children and adults alike suffering from behavior disorders include: Cognitive Therapy allows one to explore the connection between thoughts, feelings and behavior. Play Therapy is commonly used in children below 12 but can be used for older kids and adults. Sand Therapy allows the individual to play in sand while acknowledging their feelings, memories, struggles and emotions.

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A Husband’s Guide to Dealing with Postpartum Depression

Imagine this scenario: Your wife has recently given birth to a beautiful and healthy child. You soon realize that your wife is having major mood swings, which might include excessive crying, insomnia, lack of concentration and fatigue. Baby Blues are the feeling of fear and sadness women go through after 3 to 10 days of giving birth. Here are the ways in which you can support your wife in prepartum and postpartum depression: Many men assume what their wife must be going through after pregnancy and end up talking to everyone except their wife about the same. Ask her how she’s feeling and let her be vulnerable with you.

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How to Calm an Anxiety Attack

Do you think you are having an anxiety attack? The symptoms of a panic attack are more severe than the symptoms of an anxiety attack . Anxiety attacks, in most cases, are due to a specific stimulus. Concentrating on an object may also help in managing anxiety attacks. Sometimes, people have trouble executing grounding techniques due to anxiety. Exercise is another way to prevent anxiety attacks, and it increases the release of various chemicals that relax the mind and body. You can perform yoga at home or by joining in-person classes. The counsellor determines the factors causing anxiety and helps provide the techniques to cope with the effects of stress. The advantage of counselling sessions over medication is that while the drug only relieves the symptoms, counselling goes deeper into the patient’s life to determine the root of the problem. The counsellor then determines the negative thoughts that you develop in tense situations.

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2 Types of Bipolar Disorder | A Definitive Guide

One of the most popular modern political TV series, Homeland , is considered a very accurate depiction of Bipolar Disorder. Elevated moods, super-excited states and irritable behaviour characterize a manic episode. However, the extremes are slightly moderate compared to Bipolar I Disorder. The onset of bipolar II Disorder starts with the following symptoms: The depressive episodes in bipolar II disorders can later develop into clinical depression. However, they are not yet definitely proven. Cyclothymic Disorder is a mental disorder defined by sudden changes in mood, from extreme highs to extreme lows. People suffering from this Disorder are at very high risk of developing Bipolar Disorder. A psychotherapist is trained to diagnose the Disorder and motivate the patient to avail of treatment.

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