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Intrusive Thoughts

How to Treat Intrusive Thoughts by CBT

CBT for Intrusive Thoughts: 4 Surprising Way To Treat Intrusive Thoughts

Introduction Intrusive thoughts are repetitive, unwanted, and disturbing thoughts that can lead to feelings of anxiety and uneasiness. Along with this, while prevention, they make you feel stuck and lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms and other avoidant practices. Some of these are either inappropriate thoughts about either violent imagery or self-critical scenarios. CBT for Intrusive […]

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Intrusive Thoughts- Unleashing Your Resilience

Intrusive Thoughts: 5 Ways To Unleash Your Resilience

Capable of producing over 6000 thoughts per day [1], these are sometimes unwanted thoughts. Nonetheless, researchers have identified that Intrusive thoughts are often related to mental health conditions. Instead, one can deal with intrusive thoughts using some of the following techniques: Accepting and naming the thought: Instead of fighting, identifying that one is having intrusive thought and naming it as such can help separate the self from the thought. This, along with a reminder that intrusive thoughts are common, can help in reducing distress [9] Cognitive restructuring: This approach involves challenging negative or distorted thoughts and replacing them with more positive or realistic ones. Instead, allowing the self to observe them from a distance and not engage with them can reduce the impact [11]. doi:10.1016/0146-6402(81)90009-6 J. Bomyea and A. J. Lang, “Accounting for intrusive thoughts in PTSD : Contributions of cognitive control and deliberate regulation strategies ,” Journal of Affective Disorders , vol.

Intrusive Thoughts: 5 Ways To Unleash Your Resilience Read More »

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