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Hyperfixation vs. Hyperfocus

Hyperfixation vs Hyperfocus: ADHD, Autism, and Mental Illness

Have you ever seen someone glued to any activity so that they lose track of time and sense of the things happening around them? But also on the flip side, people with A.D.H.D. show too much interest and concentration in doing the activities they like or which provide instant gratification. So it has detrimental effects on their lives due to failure in schools or colleges, unemployment, and failed relationships. Although the name suggests, the attention deficit does not necessarily mean they lack complete awareness. Instead, they have difficulty managing the mind to perform the tasks at hand. 9] S. Watson, “A.D.H.D. inattentive type: Symptoms, Causes, and treatment,” WebMD. [ Available: https://www.webmd.com/add-adhd/childhood-adhd/adhd-hyperactive-impulsive-type. [ Available: https://daily.jstor.org/whats-bad-instant-gratification/. [Accessed: 24-Jul-2022]. [

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What is ADHD

[1] ADHD, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, affects several children. They need to stay focused on play or tasks. They become easily distracted while doing chores. Biological and genetic factors: [2] Researchers have found that ADHD can run in the family, affecting the family members of people with ADHD. ADHD rating scales: Your psychologist will collect ADHD rating scales to evaluate your child’s behaviour. Therefore, as parents, you must be the executive and guide your child until your child acquires his executive skills.

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