Delayed Milestones

Delayed Milestones: What You Need To Know the Truth.

The term delayed milestones can be terrifying for parents when they first realise their child may have a developmental delay. In case of normal development, the skills involved are; Gross motor skills Fine motor skills Cognitive skills Social skills There are several causes of delayed milestones diagnosed to date. However, they may not be noticeable in some cases until the child reaches school age. Significant delay in crawling, rolling over, walking and sitting up Difficulty in communication or socialisation with others Delayed talking or difficulty in talking Poor memory Failure to connect actions with consequences Poor problem-solving or logical thinking capability Difficulty in learning at school Inability to do everyday chores, such as getting to dress and using the bathroom without anyone’s help Lower than average scores on I.Q. tests If you find any of the abovementioned symptoms in your child, there may be an underlying medical reason. It would help to remember that delayed milestones are symptoms, not the actual diagnosis.

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