Shyam Gupta | Psychologist


About Me

I am a Clinical Psychologist and Registered in RCI as a Rehabilitation of Psychologist, practicing for the last 18 years as a Psychologist. My key areas of expertise is OCD recovery program, Eating Disorder Management, Depression Management, Human Sexuality issues, HIV/AIDS counseling, Personality Disorder, Mood Disorder, and Anxiety Management.

About My Family

Specialized in OCD Recovery, Anorexia Nervosa and other eating disorders, Sexuality issues like sexual perversion, Personality disorder, Mood Swings, Depression and Anxiety recovery, Couple therapy, Personality development, and HIV AIDS Counseling.

About My Professional Experience

I enjoy cricket, outings, traveling, driving, cooking, reading, horse riding, social networking, data Analytics, spreading love, romantic movies, singing, random dates with my wife etc.

About My Fun Side

I love to explore new things. My bucket list is huge, and Iā€™m as excited as a child with a new toy whenever I get the chance.

Areas of Expertise