Shachee Dalvi | Psychologist


About Me

I am a Child & Women Psychologist, I have done my M. S. In Counselling and Psychotherapy and I hold a Ph. D. in Child Psychology. My purpose in life is to help Children and Women to be Happy, Healthy & Healed. I believe one should make Happiness a habit and Positivity an Attitude! I make sure to provide the best of my abilities to any child or women who come to me to seek my help! I believe in the mantra – Stay Happy! Stay Healthy!

About My Family

My family is my biggest strength and support system. I am what I am because of my family! Their unconditional love, constant encouragement and ever inspiring attitude certainly motivated me to give my best in my work and in my life! I dedicate my success entirely to my family; it is because of their wonderful blessings that I am able to have a positive approach towards life! I feel very blessed and grateful to have such a marvelous family!

About My Professional Experience

I am a practising Child and Women Psychologist and Counsellor in Mumbai. I am a Gold medalist in the field of alternative medicines and I have researched and specialized in child and women psychology. Being one of the most google searched child psychologist in Mumbai, I have also been interviewed by many child care magazines and children related websites. Whether itโ€™s Female Depression and/or Anxiety, Post Partum Depression, Phobias, Teenage Bullying, Lack of Self esteem, Sleep Disorder, Food disorder, etc. Children and women consult me for any Behavioral, Emotional or Psychological problems.

About My Fun Side

I love to take care of my health, be it mental or physical, thus I love to exercise in the form or running, strength training, cycling etc. as for my mental health, I practice meditation and have a positive mental attitude in life. I love to sprang time with my family and friends. I am fond of singing, dancing, listening to music, solving puzzles and travelling. But with all these, I always remember to have ME TIME for my overall health and mental well-being!

Areas of Expertise