Seema Taneja | Psychologist


About Me

I have always wanted work in the field of health. Having had an ENT specialist doctor for a dad, I worked closely in setting up the hearing and speech centre at the military hospital in Delhi Cantt (while in high school). This passion drove me on to do an MSW in woman and child welfare, B.Sc. in child development and PG Diploma in counseling psychology. To be able to make mental health accessible to all. I run an NGO to provide counseling and life skills training to the marginalized section of society.

About My Family

I come from a family of 3 generation in the armed forces, so have been a nomad all my life . Travelled extensively in india and abroad. I have a pilot for a husband and two boys married to two fantastic girls. so now it completes our family with any discussion having equal representation. Imperative to say, we all have diverse professions and so dinner time conversations end up in voicing opinions about things we had no idea about. Communicating has always been the main stay which keeps us together all the time (across cities and continents)

About My Professional Experience

I have worked in the field of children and young adults and young working adults and parents extensively. I have been associated with schools and colleges and corporates in their EAP. The past 30 years have given me an edge in understanding generations in a more holistic context. The spectrum of cases dealt with has been interesting, involving and a huge learning.

About My Fun Side

I don’t take life seriously. The fragility is experienced when one has lived through wars. I love to travel and the extensive travel meant interacting with people from all nationalities. Observing cultures, traditions, examining and understanding mindsets, sampling food. Have fun, do everything you ever wanted to, don’t judge yourself, live for today, and Live For Now.

Areas of Expertise