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Ruchika Nirwan | Psychologist


About Me

I am a developmental psychologist, counseling professional. I like challenging work and my work journey gives me the opportunity to deal with new minds and challenges every day.

About My Family

In my family I have a mother, father, brother and sister, i am the youngest recently got married what brings us together is discussions be it positive or negative, there is always a transparency between us which strengthen our bond as we stand with each other always.

About My Professional Experience

I was always fascinated by kids and their way of learning that is why i chose to work with NGO in very early age, that was 18 after that i have observed so many kids and it was so heart touching i became sure that i want to do something related to kids. I was in Gargi college at that time in applied psychology after that i took developmental psychology in my masters and after completing post grads i started working with kids with autism using ABA and after working 3-4 years in that field i found play therapy more approachable and i have seen children blooming with play approach, i did DIR Floortime certification and started my own organization “learn and play’ along with kids i was engaged in Parent counseling as well, I did counseling workshop with CCI board and started working as a counselor as well and now i am a director of “Nirvana-healing minds” as well but i want to help more people and I want to invest my time in knowing different minds, so I am all happy to join United We Care.

About My Fun Side

Along with being workaholic, I am a hardcore travel, foodie, writer and singer. I love to explore new places, especially places with long histories and old stories.

Areas of Expertise