Davis Emerson | Psychologist


About Me

I think I am a great listener. I feel that whoever wants to vent out their emotions and whatever that is distressing them on the inside can call me up and start emptying out their heart. The best part is that after emptying, you will be able to see more than just the problems faced by everyone but also the various pathways that are available to move on in life keeping aside the problem. Venting is something you should try for yourself.

About My Family

My family consists of my wife and 2 children. My wife, Rani, is working for Ford, my sons-John and Daniel are in their school age. Our extended family consists of my parents and in laws living not very far from where we live.

About My Professional Experience

I am a business analyst turned psychologist out of sheer passion. I studied psychology from the UK and took forward teaching and counseling psychology. My first psychology job was at British International School, Chennai. Then I moved to Prime India as a Head of the department for a team of 12 psychologists- student psychologist. Later, I also took to corporate counselling at TCS through Apollo life. I enjoy my job which feels so fulfilling.

About My Fun Side

I love to eat Briyani which is my favourite that too with beef. I love travelling and have almost covered all of South India. I like to drive especially in the hills. I am also a musician and play the Piano in my church. In my fun time I pull Johnny out of the house for a walk or to the monkey bar.

Areas of Expertise