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Chetan Manjalekar | Psychologist


About Me

I am a passionate Psychological Counselor aiming to help individuals with the challenges they face, I am empathetic and compassionate. I am always willing to learn new things with full dedication and effort.

About My Family

I have a loving and caring family which includes my parents, wife, brother, sister-in-law and sister. We do not stay together but still we have a great bounding as we connect daily, talk to each other when needed and go out for family trips.

About My Professional Experience

Overall I have 8 years of experience in the field of psychology, mindfulness and yoga therapy. I have worked extensively in a top MNC for 4.6 years as a Wellness coach and Psychologist in hospital setting analysing several patients dealing with problems like Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Occupational stress, Family Counseling, Marriage Counselling etc. I have helped many patients from India and abroad with various psychological problems. I also have experience in a school and college setting working with all ages group kids dealing with wide range of problems including exam stress, career counseling, personality development, life skills etc I am a member of Indian Academy of Health Psychology, Member of Asia Pacific Career development association. I am a Yoga Therapist and an internationally certified fitness trainer.

About My Fun Side

I am sports and fitness enthusiast – I play football every weekend. I am a traveler and I have traveled more than 20 countries till date and plan to travel more in future.

Areas of Expertise