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Zabby Sharma | Life Coach


About Me

I feel that I was born with a special gift, and that I was born with magic. I also believed that although we all have that magic, I was actually aware about my abilities, and others people were still asleep – blissfully unaware. My passion is to make people aware about the power of their soul to allow them to become their own guiding light – and light up their surroundings as well.

“Miracles happen to those who believe in them.” I want this world to be full of miracles.

About My Family

We are a big joint family with my husband’s brothers and their children and grandchildren – all living under one roof. It’s divine grace to be living with a family who loves and supports you just the way you are! My daughter Anannya is 17, and wishes to pursue psychology at Oxford University. My husband is an interior contractor. My nephews and nieces are like my best friends, and my brother-in-law is like my father. I am truly grateful for this divine connection of love.

About My Professional Experience

I have been healing and reading for more than 15 years now, and each person healed is an achievement in itself.

About My Fun Side

I’m a stand-up comedian, a good singer and dancer, love to trek and also tell tales! I am a storyteller of sorts. My passion is to travel to different off-beat places, learn about their culture and make new friends. I am also intrigued by the study of ancient civilizations and about the creation of the universe.

Areas of Expertise