Surbhee Singh | Life Coach


About Me

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with nearly 1000 hours of coaching experience. I have over two decades of corporate experience in various industries as a Business Leader, Executive Coach, Facilitator, Speaker and Leadership Administrator.

About My Family

We are a nuclear family of 4: my husband, 2 amazing daughters (aged 11 and 8), and myself. We are an extremely close-knit family, and are connected with a very strong bond of love, respect and togetherness.

About My Professional Experience

I enable top leaders and senior managers to enhance their self-awareness and have a greater impact in their productivity in an increasingly globalized business environment. My area of focus includes self-mastery, executive presence, transformational leadership, team integration, communication influence, influence without authority, and holistic-wellness.

My Skills: I use my diverse corporate experience to engage with business leaders and key team members to deeply understand the reasons of hindrance in their productivity. I personally devise coaching interventions and customized trainings to address such issues, which helps them adapt and align themselves to achieve their goals effectively, and hence, improve productivity and increase revenue.

My Unique Methodology: I work with individuals at a deep level of values and beliefs, thereby removing any limiting thoughts in their mind to enable them to succeed in their professional and personal goals. I help them realize their potential to continuously evolve and be the best version of themselves.

About My Fun Side

I love to crack jokes with a poker face, which really confuses people whether I really mean it or not.

Areas of Expertise