Sabhyata Bhasin | Life Coach


About Me

Researcher in Emotional intelligence, Reiki healing, neuro linguistic programming, life coach, hypnotherapy, stress management, metaphysician.

About My Family

We are 6 members in our family, my parents, 2 siblings (1 married), myself and my dog. Love and divine grace keep us together.

About My Professional Experience

I have been into studying metaphysical subjects for last 9 years. I have provided coaching and healing to young and old in career, depression cases, anger management, stress management and chakra balancing. I have a good understanding of dealing with emotional issues through various techniques of emotional intelligence. Experienced in helping people improve self awareness, mindfulness, self-regulation, motivation, social skills to improve personal and professional life holistically.

About My Fun Side

I love to be with animals and plants. Like to do yoga and pranayam, paint at times and read metaphysical stuff.

Areas of Expertise