Renu Sachdeva | Life Coach


About Me

My personal and professional life journeys can best be captured in the phrase: Change is the only constant. I have lived a nomadic life having moved homes over 20 times across the world, discovering new cultures and thriving in new environments. I have switched gears in my professional life 4 times: started in publishing, moved to advertising, then marketing research and now a life skills trainer and psychotherapist. I have been on a perpetual quest to challenge myself to learn new things everyday and feel fortunate that I have been able to integrate these new learnings and skills into my life and work.

About My Family

I have a huge extended family spread around the world. My nuclear family comprises my husband, son and daughter-in-law, though my son and his wife are based in London. I am blessed to have two lovely mothers: my biological mother and my mother-in-law. Both are widowed, and need a lot of help and support, and I am glad I can take care of them, since I quit my busy corporate job around 7 years ago. Its interesting that the Covid crisis has brought us all even closer together – my husband, I, our moms, my son and daughter-in-law – because we have spent quality time, real and virtual, doing a lot of fun activities.

About My Professional Experience

Iā€™m an Integrative Psychotherapist and Life Skills Trainer with expertise in Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Metaphor Therapy. I have been working in this area for over 7 years. I started off with Person-Centred Counselling And Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy. I soon realized that I needed tools and techniques to help catalyse change in clients. In order to achieve this goal, I learnt Hypnotherapy and Metaphor Therapy and am really pleased that an integrative approach combining these modalities has proved very effective. Iā€™m passionate about helping clients enhance their self-awareness, self-love and self-care to achieve happiness, growth and self-actualisation.

About My Fun Side

I love to create beautiful things using different art and craft techniques and try to incorporate some activity into my daily ME time. Most of the time this involves doodling, drawing, sketching or painting. Another recent passion is upcycling waste material using Decoupage. I must admit that if I don’t do get a creative outlet for 2-3 days, I start experiencing “”withdrawal”” symptoms.

Areas of Expertise