Neelam Parwani | Life Coach


About Me

I am a Reiki Grandmaster, Su-Jok (advance acupressure) therapist, Naturopath, Life coach and Animal Healer. The purpose of my work is to provide simple health solutions to all without any medicines and side effects and guide everyone to live life with a positive approach.

About My Family

We are a family of 4 members: I have a son who is 15 yrs old and 2 pets. My son is also a Reiki healer (he learned Reiki at the age of 7). He is the motivation behind our initiative of teaching Reiki to kids.

About My Professional Experience

I have taught Reiki to more than 200 people, and how the positive approach changes lives along with Reiki treatment and Emotional counseling. I have been assisting all age groups with emotional and mental issues through life coaching. Our step was the first one to start the Kids Reiki Program in India. We have been teaching Reiki to children since the last 4 years, and have seen a very positive response. We also specialize in Animal Healing, and give Reiki to all pets and stray babies.

About My Fun Side

I am a Biker by passion and enjoy going for bike rides with my Biker gang. I also participated in various bike events, like freedom ride, rides for NGOs, child abuse, etc. Biking gives me a sense of freedom and an awareness of how to handle power with responsibility.

Areas of Expertise