Manisha Yadav | Life Coach


About Me

I am a certified and a practicing spiritual/holistic healer, a lightworker. I am certified in these modalities: Spiritual counselling with CBT Channelling and automatic writing Healing with Akashic Intelligence Karma yoga healing Through these modalities I can get to the root cause of your problem and find out the root cause or pain memory as we call it, rather than just healing the symptoms that you are experiencing because of it. Since I am a lightworker, I work with the Divine Light of the Creator. As a healer my objective is to vibrate higher and higher towards our Creator and help and take the people associated with me also towards the journey.

About My Family

I am a single mother of a 25yr old young man. We share a special and a very strong bond together as he has been my whole world and my whole life has revolved around him.

About My Professional Experience
I have been doing healing for family and friends for many years now,but professionally only for the past 5 years. I have successfully brought clarity ,changed perceptions and been a friend, philosopher and a guide to many.

About My Fun Side
When I am working I have a very serious side, but when I’m not working ,I let my hair down and love to party, dance ,dress up and enjoy with friends.I am a big foodie and like to try different cuisines and eating joints always. I love listening to songs and driving.


Areas of Expertise