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Geethika Agastya | Life Coach


About Me

I enjoy befirending people and listen to them talk. I like to ensure everyone is at peace and harmony, and support them in their objectives. I have an open mind and am very accepting of diverse cultures and thoughts. I chose to switch my high paying job to be a leadership and life coach as I feel ignited and motivated when I can help someone achieve their goals and inner peace.

About My Family

I have 2 daugthers, and my pet Mocha. My husband shares my passion and both of us facilitate workshops and are executive coaches to a number of leaders. My family brings my blindspots to my attention, and we have a very strong bond of trust amongst us. I have learned to be compassionate and kind from my mom, integrity and work ethics from my dad, patience and humility from my father-in-law and a never displease others attitude from my mother-in-law. I am blessed to have all these people in my life.

About My Professional Experience

I have been working as a certified Leadership & Life Coach since 2006. Prior to that I was a senior manager and business leader in global multi-national corporations, in USA and India. I experienced rapid professional growth that I attribute to my ability to reach out and support others to achieve their goals. My last job was at Microsoft India, and I was at the peak of my career, when I realized that a balance between family, health, spirituality and career was needed to be content. I quit my job and specialized in leadership and life coaching, and have since been supporting others to achieve their goals, aspirations and dreams. I believe in being fit so that I can be there for those who need me, and it helps me be happy. I enjoy exercising, playing with my dog and relaxing with a good book. I continuously learn from various experiences of myself and others, and enjoy equipping myself with knowledge to enhance my journey of enabling others. I hold degrees in Mathematical Statistics, Masters in Computer Applications and Masters in Systems Administration. I am certified in the practise of life coaching and also hold certificates to practise MBTI methodology and NLP. Focussing on continuous improvement, I have completed certificate courses in Finding Purpose, Psychology, Science of Exercise, and Buddhism & Modern Psychology amongst others.I have been able to guide and support young graduates achieve their goals, professionals and entrepreneurs grow their professional and emotional competence. Many have successfully gained skills to identify, set and achieve goals, cope with issues that are causing distress, anxiety, and stress. I take great pride in the progress and success of everyone, and look forward to being that anchor and support for you. Let us partner to make the changes needed to achieve your aspirations, dreams and goals.

About My Fun Side

I am passionate about fitness and my dog Mocha is the love and light of my day. My fitness routine and playing with Mocha are my topmost reasons for getting out of bed everyday. I hold free group classes where I have doctors participating from US and India in my sessions. I am always engaged in everything I choose to do. I love trying out new dishes and just need someone to cook for. Gardening is a new hobby and currently I am trying out hydriponics and am excited to see my vegetable garden growing in a bed of water.


Areas of Expertise