Types of Mental Health Professionals | Online Counseling in India

United We Care provides a variety of online counseling and therapy services in India with licensed psychologists, life coaches and lawyers. 



Psychologists specialize in the study of the mind and behavior, and in the treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.They observe, interpret and record a person’s cognitive, emotional and social behavior and how they relate to one another and to their environment to help people improve their quality of life.


Life coaches help people identify their goals and prepare a plan to achieve them through focus, guidance and motivation. They also pinpoint and eliminate obstacles that prevent people from achieving personal, professional or interpersonal success.



Lawyers, or attorneys, provide legal advice to clients in personal or professional matters. They also research, gather evidence and draft legal documents related to divorce, wills, child custody or real estate planning. Lawyers also represent clients in civil and criminal court cases.