Shareen Raj | Social Worker


About Me

I am a registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers with 17 years of enriching experience. Through my work, I am committed to helping people overcome and manage depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and other stresses that affect all of us at some time in our lives. I believe in a holistic approach and adopt various methods to create a tailor made care plan for every individual and situation.

About My Family

My family is my circle of strength, love and happiness.

About My Professional Experience


– Provide clinical therapeutic counseling to motor vehicle accident victims on matters including individual, financial issues, emotional stresses and anxiety using psychotherapeutic modules like Cognitive Behavior Therapy, motivational interviewing and mindfulness therapy.

– Help identify changes, challenges and provide strategies to positively cope with these changes.

– Liaise with community agencies to provide financial, legal and government resources.

About My Fun Side

My favorite thing to do is read books and travel the world.

Areas of Expertise