Pat Shelenko | Social Worker


About Me

I have a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology, and I am a graduate of Ryerson University Bachelor of Social Work Program. I have been working in the field for over twenty years, both in the community and in a hospital setting. I have experience with people from all walks of life, ages and stages, who face many challenges. I work from an anti-oppressive framework, which allows us the opportunity to talk about any โ€˜ismโ€™ that you might experience. I believe that my training and lived experiences are something that can benefit anyone who choses to work with me.

About My Family

I have two brothers and a sister, and three nieces and a nephew. In my ‘”immediate family”, I have two cats and a dog. They keep me busy.

About My Professional Experience

We live in a relationship with others. These relationships are fluid. At times, they work well, yet at other times, they may be rocky. Please, do not despair. I help. couples, individuals, and families identify the challenges interfering in a relationship. I then assist them in developing ways to minimize the impact of these challenges. I help my clients be the best they can be. My basic approach to counselling or therapy is to work in collaboration with a client to move from what is known and familiar into discovering what can be different, and moving towards those possibilities. We all have different turning points in our lives, and I would appreciate the opportunity to work with you to process these and work towards positive outcomes. I have over twenty years of experience working with individuals, couples and groups.

About My Fun Side

My favorite activity is walking with my 3-year-old Australian Shepherd Poodle mix – Archie. I walk about 3kms, and he runs at least 5kms. When we meet other dogs on our journey, there is a great deal of laughter at the dogs’ antics.

Areas of Expertise