Joanna Gut | Social Worker


About Me

I am adventurous, likes to travel and learn about others culture from their food. My passion is to collect artwork from places I live. I have quite a collection of drawings. I love my hometown Warsaw and Toronto. I love indigenous art. I am dedicated and I am a lifelong learner.

About My Family

The members of my family are scattered across three continents.

About My Professional Experience

I am social worker specializing in treatment for persons with serious and persistent mental health issues. I provide assessment and tailor the treatment modalities to the needs of the client. I am fluent is several modalities i.e. CBT, Brief Solution Focus Therapy, Narrative therapy, Motivational Interviewing, mindfulness meditation and relaxation therapy. I take a special interest in teaching anger management, assertive communication techniques and equality.

About My Fun Side

I like to sing while driving and when I need to relax. For Halloween, I always make my scary costumes. So far I fail – nobody was scared of me.

Areas of Expertise