Joel Aguirre | Psychotherapist


About Me

I am Joel Saavedra Aguirre, a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Spiritual Care Practitioner with experience at several Toronto area hospitals and internation experience in providing care to trauma, neurology and cancer patients, among others. I also manage my private practice where I help individuals, couples and families. I find fulfillment in supporting individuals who are exploring and navigating difficult points in their relationships, those who are striving to come to terms with a current or anticipated loss, and those who are having difficulty getting through their day-to-day activities. More specifically, I am someone who journeys with people as they face their pains and “discover” or “rediscover” the joy in finding meaning and purpose in their lives at the back of challenges and difficulties. While “spiritual” can often have a “religious” connotation, it more properly refers to all the non-physical needs such as hopes, despair, anxiety, fears, loneliness, anger, coping, etc. Spiritual health can affect physical health in many ways. Thus, in my practice, I address both the physical and spiritual aspects of my clients. My aim is to help my clients discover the best way to handle their difficulties to restore the joy of living.

About My Family

I’m a loving husband to my wife (childless) who has experienced feelings of love, joy, peace, loss, rejection, hurt, anxiety, and loneliness. These feelings make me empathetic and compassionate with those who are suffering, and allows me to be with them in their time of need.

About My Professional Experience

Sometimes life is difficult, there are times it is challenging and unmanageable. Because of this, psychotherapy can be unlimited support at times of crisis or difficulty in our lives (for e.g. stress, relationship breakups, abuse issues, trauma, death and dying, grief, bereavement, work issues, etc.). As a psychotherapist, I offer a safe and non-judgmental place where clients can express life’s challenges, embrace inner strength, and be empowered to live meaningful lives. I journey with them as they experience freedom and relief from the shackles of pain, emptiness and loss of purpose. My presence and support will help them gain their voice and restore the joy of living.

About My Fun Side

Those closest to me know me as a determined and goal-oriented individual, committed husband, entrepreneur, and lover of nature and animals. My core values are love, justice and inclusivity. I am equally extroverted as I am introverted. While I enjoy spending time in nature, my ideal off-days are spent at home with my wife.

Areas of Expertise