Diane Holmlund | Psychotherapist


About Me

In the past, I have worked with stained glass and neon tubing. I have also sung onstage and founded vibrant community choirs. I have been an organic gardener, Waldorf parent, and member of a vibrant rural community. Now, as a grandmother, I am dedicated to โ€œpurposeful elderingโ€. I am glad to offer my counseling practice, as well as enjoying the world of balcony gardening, bike riding, swimming, and long walks immersed in nature.

About My Family

I’m in close connection with family and friends in the U.S., and with my adult children and their families. Lifelong friends in Canada gives me energy, meaning and joy for my life and work.

About My Professional Experience

Originally from the U.S., I have been a registered psychotherapist in Ontario since 2015, and a certified multi-faith spiritual care practitioner since 2007. Most recently, I have worked in end of life home hospice support after my years working in trauma, ICU, neuro, cardiac, mental health and community care. In my dedication to compassionate and whole person-centered care, I bring my experience now as an eldering woman, along with my clinical knowledge and lifelong immersion with spirituality, art, music, film, multi-cultural and multi-faith diversity, in helping you to navigate your needs, longings, and challenges, and in helping you to create a new sense of personal agency (perhaps for the first time in your life).

About My Fun Side

I enjoy being a confirmed crossword addict, plant lover, film and media connoisseur, and pop culture commentator when given the chance.

Areas of Expertise