Zabby Sharma

January 12, 2023

2 min read

About Me

I believe we are all born with some natural gifts and while most of the people are ignorant of their gifts, I believe I have the ability to familiarise them with theirs, so they can be their own guiding light and help the surroundings too.
“”Miracle happens for those who believe in it “”
I want this world to be full of Miracles.

About My Family

I am a married woman,blessed with two beautiful kids. My husband is my biggest support system and we believe in creating beautiful moments everyday. I am grateful to the lord for everything.

About My Professional Experience

I started my professional journey in 2007, born as a psychic( the path was always calling me) ,so I started my journey with palm reading, tarot and kept adding more tools. My work was always food for my soul and helping people gives me peace. I believe we all live for ourselves but it gives more happiness if we live for others along with ourselves. Till my last breath, I want to be that light who helps the souls choose their right path.

About My Fun Side

I am a talkative woman, who loves to add humor in life. I am a powerhub of positivity for my friends and family.

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