Tarot Counselor Shivangi

January 12, 2023

2 min read

About Me

I am an experienced Certified Tarot Counselor, member of the American Tarot Association, and Master Reiki Healer. My daily spiritual practice has boosted my intuition sensitivity over time, and counselling skills have equipped me with tools and techniques to help you bring change in your life, as well as the lives of your loved ones. I am passionate about touching lives through practical spirituality.

About My Family

I’m an independent single woman, and live by myself in NCR without any family member. My parents live in a small town. We share a loving bond without much interference into each other’s life, because we respect each other and believe in giving space to one another to live their life on their own terms.

About My Professional Experience

I am a certified tarot reader, counselor, life coach, Reiki master, spiritual counselor, and member of the American Tarot Association. I have worked in the US for 4 years and moved back to India in 2019. I combine counseling and tarot to provide a transformative experience to my clients.

I can help you:

– Seeing the bigger picture by changing your perspective.
– Find easy and practical steps towards change by holding your hand while you take those steps towards a more fulfilling life.

About My Fun Side

I love to dance; and I’m a professional Kathak dancer as well. I love to travel, and have been to different parts of India, US & Middle East. Also, I like to meet people from different cultures.

Make your child listen to you.

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