Suraj Biswas

January 12, 2023

1 min read

About Me

A psychologist with over four years of expertise in Mental Health Counselling, Hypno-Therapy, and Life Coaching.

About My Family


About My Professional Experience

I employ a variety of techniques, including CBT, DBT, NLP, and Hypnotherapy, to address a wide range of issues, including Stress, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Phobia, Personality Disorder, Relationships, Parenting, Sexual Health, Decision Making, Planning, and Growth.

I use both scientific and holistic approaches, depending on the client’s needs, beliefs, and requirements, to improve overall Health, Relationships, and Lifestyle by addressing the mind-body link.

About My Fun Side

I love playing guitar and love doing voice overs which makes me a person who loves speaking in a narrative style.

Make your child listen to you.

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