Shivani Kudva

January 12, 2023

1 min read

About Me

I’m a trained Parenting Coach and Certified as a Positive Discipline Educator. I help parents with Parenting help and Bonding ideas with activity and reading. I help you Regulate as a Parent to Raise the Best by breaking Generational cycles.

About My Family

I have two children Nyshita (8)and Rudransh (3.5).i live in a joint family.
We love spending time together as a family and value each other’s core natures and principles. We try to foster in a harmonious environment at home.

About My Professional Experience

I’m a Certified Positive Discipline Educator and a certified Positive Parenting Coach. I specialise in Non Punitive methods of Discipline and help parents understand their Child’s behavour patterns and ways to tackle complexities. I specialise in Toddler Behaviour, Pre Teens, Traumatic Childhood. I also provide help with Anger Management and identifying and treating Childhood triggers. I help parents with Peaceful And Calm Parenting.

About My Fun Side

I lovvve dancing. I’m a trained Kathak dancer. I mimic well. I love to laugh😊
I love chilling with my closest friends and my 2 kids and Bestie Husband.


Make your child listen to you.

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