Ritu Singh

January 12, 2023

3 min read

About Me

I am a lover of existence in all its forms, especially plant life – with my hobby being restoring plants compassionately. I learn a lot daily from my existence, and inner work is what I strive for. I am a classical singer and volunteer at Isha Foundation for weekend satsangs. Practicing SHAMBHAVI KRIYA gives renewed upliftment to each day as it unfolds. Meditation and breath work is what I vouch for in any situation that gets created outside us, and I like to encourage people in following the path of inner freedom and embracing life in its full capacity. Working with the human psyche allows me to explore more dimensions of human experience.

About My Family

I live in a ‘sugar and spicy’ family where bonding with extended family members is an everyday sight. Children create a blend of varying interests and talents, and a life partner is a constant support to achieve something greater. I believe that family life needs constant improvement and betterment with each stage of life a family member goes through, especially if the children are young adults. A holistic environment in the house invites a lot of interactive sessions over dinner and social issues. A family working as a unit is tremendously fun. Singing, writing and watching movies is something that we all enjoy in our family, and we strive for common interests in everyday actions.

About My Professional Experience

My healing career has been very rewarding and most significant in my personal growth. Be it Counselling Psychology,Hypnotherapy,Thera Healing, motivational Counselling,or Tarot and meditative Breathwork , the way this has connected me to the masses is absolutely phenomenal. I got many opportunities to present Tarot shows on Television and live shows as a panelist on various issues. Spiritual guidance on Pragya TV provided me the necessary visibility that was important at the time when Hypnotherapy was fairly new in India. Teaching and traveling gave me international exposure that encouraged me to expand my horizons further. Teaching Theta Healing to a group of people, including monks in Bhutan, was an expansive experience which gave me a much clearer perspective towards life and healing. Many past life regression sessions turned around people’s lives, and I feel grateful every time I am conducting a class or session. My healing journey’s favorite gift has been my own inner growth.

About My Fun Side

I do enjoy eating, and trying new world cuisines is my hobby. Also, I don’t shy away from experimenting. I cherish my solo travels as it’s a time for deep introspection. My PJs and laughs are quite known in my friends circle, and I always laugh wholeheartedly. I tend to laugh at jokes life cracks, for I see it not as cruelty – but a signal to not take everything so seriously.


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