Rashmi Soin

January 12, 2023

1 min read

About Me

I am a parent coach and a counselor. I help parents in dealing with everyday parenting issues. Reach out to me if you feel your child is acting stubborn, is talking back,is not listening, is hitting, biting or pushing or any other behavioral issues. Mother of two teenagers,I have hands on experience of what parents go through every day while raising children. I have been into this field for 8 years now. The tips given by me are sojmole and easy to follow.

About My Family

I live in a joint family comprising of 10 members. We are basically a business family.I have two children aged 17 and 13.

About My Professional Experience

I have worked with the likes of First Cry and Pegasus Publishers. I have done sessions for schools across Delhi. I help parents deal with everyday challenges they face while raising their children . Parents can approach when they feel their child is acting stubborn, is talking back, is rude,is pushing biting or hitting,is not listening and other behavioral issues. I guide parents into living a stress free life.

About My Fun Side

I love dancing,singing and painting

Make your child listen to you.

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