Preethi Jain

January 12, 2023

2 min read

About Me

I am a Psychologist with 15+ years of experience. I have been working with Parents, Professionals, and children, I am an educationist too.
I had my own transformation journey, while dealing with certain issues and healing from them. Hence helping others heal is now a purpose of my life. I am also a certified Life Coach. I am a qualified Counsellor with a Diploma (2003) Done my BA in Psychology (1994) and M.Sc in Psychology (2021)
I am a writer too, published my first book ‘Chrysalis’ in 2020
I am a person who values self-love and self belief, and I believe that healing is the way to evolve and rise 🙂

About My Family

I am a single and proud mom of two kids, both grown up and on their career paths. My daughter is in the US, and my son lives with me currently.
We have always valued each other’s personal space and decision making ability.

About My Professional Experience

As a Counselor/therapist i have an experience of 15 years. I have worked with diverse groups of ages from students to adults and across different professional background.
I specialise in
Stress Management
Coping with Depression and anxiety
Relationship issues
Building resilience
Overcoming Roadblocks

About My Fun Side

I am pretty spontaneous and witty. I love watching movies and sleeping on the weekends. I enjoy long drives on the highway (only 😀) and eating breakfast at Airlines Hotel is my favourite to do on a Sunday. I do things that I love..Not a people pleaser (learnt it the hard way and no regrets 😊)


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