Naazneen khan

January 12, 2023

2 min read

About Me

I am a Certified Counselor and Energy Reader, Spiritual Healer, Intuitive Therapist since 2011.
I have used my god- gifted abilities to heal many clients all over the world. I can help people to solve their problems related to love, finances,health, relationship & more .

About My Family

I have a nuclear family, consisting of 3 members including me.. My husband is a businessman and my daughter is studying..

About My Professional Experience

As a counselor, I have been guiding people for more than 11 yrs . I do not advise my clients, but seek to help them to understand themselves better and find their own ways to cope or to resolve problems. My goal is to help the client discover their inner purpose and cultivate self awareness. I would like to help u in Anger management, anxiety, depression,stress, fear, building confidence & esteem, dealing with a loss, stress or depression, figuring out Life direction, help with relationship, resolving trauma etc.
I work on mental and emotional unease and distress in the body. My goal is to balance and restore ur mind, body and spirit.

About My Fun Side

I like to travel, sing , dance, spend time with my family & friends.I love to pray, meditate, help people in my own little way ….


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