Deepti Gandhi

January 12, 2023

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About Me

Starting with my educational background, I have a Post Graduation Diploma in Mass Communication. I’ve worked in many corporates, where I have 19 years of total experience. In my environment, I always see so many people talking about their life challenges for which they don’t have any solutions. While traveling or in my alone time, I used to keep wondering the ways I can help these people. This thought always stuck in my mind and took me down to another path in my life’s journey. This is when I started studying human behavior and their patterns more deeply. I have completed the Practitioner and Trainer course of the Science of Consciousness and Karmayoga Healing from SKITA.

About My Family

I live in a joint family of 7 members. I have a very loving and cooperative mother-in-law and father-in-law. They understand my journey and the path which I have chosen: to be a healer. My husband and in-laws support me fully to fulfill my purpose and goals in life. With my family’s support, I was able to attend my retreats and classes which were needed to polish my skills as a healer. Also, I am really grateful to my mother and father. Because of them, I am a part of this world.

About My Professional Experience

I am working as a freelancer in the British Council. Being surrounded by people and talking about their day-to-day challenges, something always triggers me to help people. But the big question for me was always how. So, following my passion to help people, I started a new healing journey. I learned the Karma Yoga healing technique and chakras meditation. I practice healing through Karma Source Memories, in which people shift their life in just one session. I have seen people feel happier and lighter, and they giggle like a small kid after taking a session. Seeing people happy gives me immense pleasure and a great sense of satisfaction that I am, indeed, on the right path.

About My Fun Side

I love to explore new cities & places, and their local food . While traveling to new cities, I make sure to visit temples and cover all the sightseeing destinations. At beaches, I love to take part in water sports. On mountains, I love to explore paragliding and similar activities. Whether it’s kids or adults, I make sure everyone in my company feels comfortable and happy.

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