Coach Salim

January 12, 2023

2 min read

About Me

I am Coach Salim, a guitarist-turned-marketer. Presently, I am a Healer, Trainer and Life Coach. For people who see things as a challenge, I see it as a hurdle and cross it. An MBA degree for many people is a challenge, but for me, it was a mere hurdle and I crossed it. I only know hard work and sheer determination. My motto is, “Do it with full josh or don’t do it at all”. I do things with a lot of passion. My sheer determination had changed the landscapes of companies wherever I had worked in the past. So far, I have transformed nearly 7500+ lives. I shall be transforming more lives in the future.

About My Family

I am a son to two wonderful parents: A son to a Brave Soldier who fought two wars and won, and a son to the most amazing Mother. A Husband to a Marvelous Wife, Father to an Intelligent Daughter, Brother to yet another Brave Soldier, Brother-in-Law to a great Singer and Artist, Uncle to the most Amazing Upcoming Artist, and Uncle to a Tall and Handsome Young Man.

About My Professional Experience

For 9 years, I had been associated with colleges. There, I trained students in interview skills and personality development, and have placed 3500+ students successfully in various companies. From there, I graduated to training corporates. I have trained 4000+ corporate honchos in behavioural aspects.

About My Fun Side

I am a guitarist and I paint glass as well. I have painted many bottles that were thrown away after being used. I love to paint on things which are discarded. I have made pencil stands out of broken glasses and thrown away containers.

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