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On the United We Care mental health platform, you can find therapists for parenting issues who help parents reconnect with their child and improve family dynamics for a healthier parent-child relationship.


What is Parent Counseling?

Parent counseling provides parents with the knowledge, tools and techniques to help them improve their parenting style and resolve issues between the parent and child.


Characteristics of a Good Parent

A good parent has the following characteristics:

Sense of humor

Parents with a good sense of humor are fun to be with for kids. A good sense of humor provides an open and free environment for kids. On the other hand, parents with a poor sense of humor burden their children with pressure.


Flexible parents are open and easy going. Parents should involve children in the family's decision-making. This gives children a sense of responsibility and boosts confidence. You should, however, always let children know their limits.


Attuned parents understand their children well and do not judge or compare their children with peers. They are good listeners, and children with attuned parents are rarely aggressive in nature.

Challenges of Being a Parent in the 21st Century

The 21st century presents parents with a number of new-age challenges that the previous generation may not have anticipated. The widespread adoption of technology, scarcity of time, financial challenges, and family dysfunction issues are some examples of modern parenting issues.


Common Parent-Child Relationship Problems

Here are some common parent-child relationship problems:

  • Overly strict discipline
  • Digital device addiction
  • Confidence issues in kids
  • Bad influences
  • High expectations
  • Child Temper Tantrums

Why Parents Might Need Counseling?

Not only are parents responsible for providing for their child's daily needs, they also play a major role in imparting social skills, life skills and behavior training to be a productive part of society and have a bright future. However, not all children are the same, and each child is unique. Parent counseling helps parents deal with the issues they are facing to properly adhere to their child's development.


Benefits of Parent Counseling

There are many benefits of parent counseling:

  • Improves communication
  • Resolves family dysfunction
  • Defines roles in the family
  • Corrects parent's behavior
  • Corrects child's behavior
  • Helps parents better understand their child's needs

Parenting After Divorce | What is Parent Reunification Therapy?

Parent reunification therapy helps parents resolve issues and reconnect with their child after a divorce or separation. In these cases, there is usually a favored parent and undesirable parent - which can present problems in the parent-child relationship.


Parenting Tips | How to Be a Better Parent

Here are some tips for better parenting:

Be a Good Role Model

Children learn quite a lot from the way their parents behave. Values are instilled from your actions to your children.

Encourage Self-Reliance

Empowering parents encourages children to be self-reliant. It teaches the value of hard work and accomplishment, giving children a strong sense of purpose


Children realize the value of kindness through altruistic activities. It helps them understand how blessed they are. It enhances their humanity, inspires greater empathy and kindness, and expands their social views.

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Finding the Right Family Counselor for Therapy

Family therapy takes a holistic approach by effectively working with each family member to resolve the underlying issues within a family.