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Overcoming fear of failure through Art Therapy

Program Fee Rs. 1399

About the course

Ever felt scared of giving a presentation because you feared you might not be able to impress the audience?

Or does meeting new people scare you because you fear what they might think about how you look or the person you are?

It is now time to shed all these fears with Devika Gupta, an art therapist who has been helping thousands of people in overcoming their fear of failure in anything ranging from career to relationships.

Program Fee Rs. 1399

Why should you take this course?

This 2 hour program is designed to help you deep dive into your inner world through art meditation & build your understanding around your own behavioural patterns so that you can break them and develop a successful mindset.

  1. Feel more confident of who you are & what you bring to the table
  2. Feel more worthy in relationship or career
  3. Feel less fearful of your goals & achieve them by clearing your mental blockages
  4. Learn to listen to your inner voice
  5. Learn yogic breathing to feel in alignment
  6. Reach a theta state of mind with a powerful guided meditation
  7. Experience Intuitive drawing followed by deciphering your intuitive art to understand the universe’s message for you.

Colors (pencil or crayons) & paper and a quiet place to experience the program for 2 hours


About the expert

Devika Gupta is an Art therapist who through her meditation & art therapy helps people overcome their past relationships, finding their soulmates, rebuilding themselves by healing confidence issues, self love & self respect.


Program Fee Rs. 1399

Need more help?

Fear of Failure can hold you back from even trying to explore relationships or new opportunities. This fear could be stemming from anything ranging from growing in the presence of critical parents to stressful or traumatic experiences and even the need for perfectionism. While this program will help you touch upon the core issue behind this fear, however you can delve deeper into your individual case by connecting with our experts. You can explore our content repository for more information or speak to an expert for further guidance.