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Managing ADHD Beginner Course

Program Fee Rs. 14,999

About the course

Is your child’s level of frolicking and capers getting worrisome?

Do they find it difficult to stay calm or focus on any particular activity?

Are they worrying you by throwing tantrums in public, through impulsive, aggressive and usually loud displays?

This course provides a comprehensive plan that spans over 45 days (5 weeks) which includes consultations with a psychologist, parenting coach and a number of exercises to assist your child in developing emotional, behavioural and social skills. It is designed for you to understand your child better, engage with them, and help your family manage ADHD better.

Program Fee Rs 14,999

Why should you take this course?

This course is designed for children in the age group of 6-17 yrs, who are either diagnosed with ADHD or are showing symptoms which include excessive physical movements, excessive talking, unable to wait for their turn, constantly fidgeting, inability to concentrate on tasks or following instructions, regular bouts of anger or anxiety. Apart from sessions with psychologist & parenting coach, this course provides you lifetime access to exercises that work on all adhd problem areas ensuring the well-being of both you and your child.

  1. Understand your child’s behavioural patterns & ADHD symptoms
  2. Counselling and exercise sessions with expert
  3. Emotional regulation through worksheets and exercises
  4. Learning behavioural modification techniques
  5. Meditation, brain gyms, breathing exercises and other tools to manage ADHD symptoms
  6. Progressive muscle relaxation training for parents
  7. Learning to effectively manage aggressive public displays of your child

A calm and quiet place to undergo the sessions
Seamless internet connection
Print-outs of provided worksheets
Paper and pen
Willingness to take time out to practise some exercises with your child

Proven to help managing ADHD symptoms

Research shows that therapeutic treatments can effectively manage ADHD (Show a gradual rise from 0 to 39% to 62%, with treatment progressively increasing)

The effectiveness of the course has been verified by our team of experts and with each passing session:

  • The participants of the program felt an improvement in their child’s attention span
  • The parents who continued to work with their children using the lifetime access of self help content & exercises provided during the course felt the impact of the program for longer duration
  • The participants also found the impact of the course as effective as face to face therapy
  • 80% of the participants would recommend the program to their peers

Make your & your child's life better

  • First Consultation With The Psychologist & Goal Setting For The Course
  • Brain Gym Live Exercises With The Psychologist
  • Introduction To Worksheets To Improve Focus By Psychologist
  • Do It Along Video: Brain Gym Exercises part 1
  • Do At Home Worksheets To Improve Attention
  • Parent’s Session With Psychologist
  • Introduction To Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Do It Along Video: Progressive Muscle Relaxation For Parents
  • Introduction To Behaviour Modification Techniques With A Psychologist
  • Do It Along Video: Brain Gym Exercises part 2
  • Do At Home Worksheets For Behaviour Modification Part I
  • Session With Parenting Coach (Helping The Child Mirror The Right Behaviour)
  • Do It Along Taco Breathing Exercise (For Parent & Child)
  • Do It Along Video: Brain Gym Exercises part 3
  • Do It Along Meditation To Build Focus
  • Emotional Regulation Session With Psychologist
  • Do At Home Worksheets For Emotional Regulation
  • Do At Home Worksheets For Behaviour Modification Part Ii
  • Do It Along Video: Brain Gym Exercises part 4
  • Final Assessment Session With Psychologist


Program Fee Rs 14,999

Need more help?

Parenting itself feels like a full-time job. Being a parent to a child with ADHD can be especially challenging. Juggling parenting, work, career, chores, household responsibilities becomes exhausting. But now you can find a better balance through our self-care programs. Parents who manage their own stress better are usually in a better position to help their child. You can also explore our content repository for more information or speak to an expert for further guidance.

Managing ADHD Beginner Course

Program Fee Rs 14,999
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