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Healing with Meditation

Program Fee Rs. 1999

About the course

Do you wonder why there is so much talk about meditation?

What makes people get on the path to meditation and why do they get hooked to it for life?

That is because meditation has the power to change your brain functioning in a manner that you achieve a heightened sense of awareness and focused attention. If you are new to meditation and are not sure if you need to work with a meditation practitioner then you can get started on this journey with this self paced course. This will allow you to experience the benefits of meditation through carefully curated guided meditations to help you get started on this beautiful journey.

Program Fee Rs. 1999

Why should you take this course?

If you are fairly new to the idea of meditation or have never experienced it first hand then you could get this starter pack to get initiated into the world of meditation. Through this course you will be able to experience the benefits of meditation as you practise 8 different meditation techniques through our guided exercises.

  1. Understand what is meditation and its benefits
  2. Get access to 8 different kinds of guided meditation exercises
  3. Learn to visualize while meditating
  4. Learn to release stress through body scan techniques
  5. Heal yourself with a japanese meditation technique
  6. Increase your attention span

Dedicated time each day & a quiet place to practise


Program Fee Rs. 1999

Need more help?

The world of meditation is intoxicating. Once you enter it and start seeing the benefits of it you will never return to the way of living you had before. But Meditation is not just limited to a few healing techniques or focus building activities, when practised daily it can help you attain a higher sense of freedom & peace. There are many more meditations that you can explore in our content repository, you can also find a meditation expert on our platform for further guidance.

Healing with Meditation

Program Fee Rs 1999