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About Online Eating Disorder Therapy

What Does an Eating Disorder Therapist Do?

An Eating Disorder Therapist is a professional who is specialized in treating eating disorders and unhealthy eating habits. They are also experts in nutritional rehabilitation to combat the harmful effects of eating disorders.

What Happens in an Eating Disorder Therapy Session?

In an eating disorder therapy session, the therapist or counselor will ask a variety of questions relating to the patient’s medical history (including physical and mental health) and eating habits.

Questions Asked By Eating Disorder (ED) Therapists

An Eating Disorder Therapist might ask a number of questions such as:

– What are your eating habits?
– How often do you eat?
– How often do you feel hungry?
– Do you restrict your food intake?
– What is your opinion about your body image?
– Do you feel anxious or depressed after you eat?