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Search from our directory of personality disorder therapists and BPD counselors to better understand your thoughts and behaviors, and deal with the symptoms of personality disorder.


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About Online Personality Disorder Therapy

What Does a Personality Disorder Therapist Do?

A Personality Disorder therapist helps diagnose the symptoms of personality disorder and change the thinking patterns and behaviors of the patient suffering from the disorder. Working with a therapist helps the patient deal with the emotional disturbance or uncomfortable feelings, change negative thoughts and behavior, and improve relationships with friends and family to improve the quality of life.

What Happens in a Personality Disorder Therapy Session?

Although personality disorder patients are considered notoriously difficult to work with, talk therapy and CBT has been scientifically proven to be effective for the personality disorder treatment. In a Personality Disorder therapy session, the therapist or counselor helps the patient better understand the nature of their mental illness, and provides the tools and techniques to change the patients thoughts, patterns and behavior to allow for normal everyday functioning.