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Finance Professionals are at Maximum Risk of Mental Illness

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According to Forbes, Finance Professionals are at risk of depression and burnout. Prioritizing the mental well-being of business employees is essential for a productive and supportive workforce. Connect with unitedwecare for services that help you achieve a happy, healthy workforce.


of leaders across industries consider Mental Health resources to be extremely important.

According to our survey, burnout and stress are prevalent issues across the business services sector, affecting professionals.


19% of Employees Reported that the Finance Sector Experienced the Highest Burnout Rates

For Growth Bound Business Leaders, CXO’s and HR Professionals 

Key Mental Health Challenges Faced by Finance Professionals

Finance Industry Professionals have a rigorous work life, which can impact their mental and emotional well-being

  • High Stress Levels

    Finance professionals often work in high-pressure environments with demanding deadlines and financial responsibilities. Managing large sums of money and making critical financial decisions can lead to constant stress, anxiety, and even burnout.

  • Emotional Toll

    Handling crises can be emotionally draining. This emotional toll can lead to mental health challenges like anxiety and depression.

  • Long Working Hours

    The finance industry is known for long working hours, including late nights and weekends. This work-life imbalance can take a toll on mental well-being.

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Comprehensive Solutions to Support the Finance Sector

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Mental Health solutions for yourself and family now just a click away.

AI-powered Support

Meet Stella, your ultimate Gen AI global wellness coach. She's here to guide you every step of the way, from evaluation to connecting you with the right expert, aiding you in uncovering the core of your concerns.

Personalized 1:1 Sessions

Connect for personalized one-on-one sessions with seasoned professionals to empower your wellness journey by selecting the right aid and maximizing your personal growth, well-being, and self-discovery.

Premium Resources

Access premium resources and enriching content, including audio, video, and self-paced courses, to enhance your journey. Elevate your path to personal growth, knowledge, and self-improvement.

Leader Board Watch - We Have 30% Utilisation Rates

CXOs Watchlist Data Fact

United We Care offers the ultimate Enterprise EAP solutions and experience. Traditional EAPs see a mere 1-2% utilization rate, while our innovative approach boasts an impressive 30% utilization rate, making us the unrivaled choice for the comprehensive well-being and personal growth of our partners

This is unheard of in the EAP world.


Client retention
renewal rate


STELLA, our global wellness
coach, boasts 90% accuracy


Conversations with STELLA, our
global wellness coach


We address all four stages of mental health support (Diagnosis, Prevention, Care, and Post-Care)


Stella, our global wellness coach, boasts 90% accuracy


We address all four stages of mental health support (Diagnosis, Prevention, Care, and Post-Care)


Conversations with STELLA, our global wellness coach


Client retention renewal rate

Why Partner with us?

Why Partner with us?

Finance Industry Professionals have a rigorous work life, which can impact their mental and emotional well-being

  • Premium Resources

  • 3 patents filed

  • Data Privacy Prioritization

  • Compliance with Healthcare Regulations

  • Received grants from tech giants Google and Microsoft for research purposes

Drive Successful Businesses as We Support Your Team’s Mental Health

United We Care’s one-stop business solutions, driven by trust, safety, and care, ensure that your team thrives. While you focus on your business, let us focus and build an agile and performance led human capital for your enterprise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An EAP is a workplace benefit that offers employees confidential counseling and support. It benefits our company by improving employee well-being, productivity, and reducing stress-related issues.

Prioritizing mental health support enhances employee well-being, which in turn boosts productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction—benefiting both employees and the company.

Common challenges include work-related stress, burnout, high-pressure deadlines, and maintaining work-life balance.

Our pricing structure depends on the number of employees, location, sector, etc. No matter your requirements, you can be assured of the best-in-class services. Our priority is your team’s prosperity.

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