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Eating Disorder Personality Quiz


The stress of personal, social and professional life often leads to people making bad choices with food. The feeling of satisfaction and comfort provided by food can lead to emotional eating which may fill the void of negative feelings.

Emotional Eater Quiz

No two people are exactly the same, neither is their cognition! Scroll down and our little eating personality test will help you understand your eating habits based on your subjective experience with food.

#FunFact #DidYouKnow A meal which includes fast food like pizza or fries only constitutes 37% of your daily nutritional requirement!

If you had atleast 1 healthy eating habit, then you’ve got a good start. If not, you still rock 🙂 Go You!

‘Eating Your Heart Out’

Emotional hunger mostly creeps in when negative thoughts are triggered. What say you, dear visitor?


#FunFact #DidYouKnow Studies show that eating patterns are a reflection of one’s ancestor’s eating habits, and does not necessarily depend on when you eat! #MindBlown


Emotional Eating Habits

Lack of social support in interpersonal relationships, especially in times of emotional need, can act as a motivator to literally “eat your feelings out.”

#FunFact #DidYouKnow People look for 'comfort foods' when they want to increase positive emotions and escape negativity. Don't you eat ice-cream to remember childhood days, or go on a cupcake binge-eating spree when you're feeling low?


Morning Food Choices

The type of food you eat in the morning really says a lot about the your personality.

#DidYouKnow The rate of #FastFood intake by the average person hasn’t changed in over 15 years! #FunFact


Social Influences on our Food Choice

Overeating or under-eating in social situations may be a result of encouragement from friends or family, nervousness on a date, or even body shaming. In fact, most people suffering from an eating disorder, such as anorexia, start to worry about their body image and develop eating habits based on social perception or perceived social image. 

Are you a #FashionModel? #DidYouKnow 20-40% of models suffer from some type of #EatingDisorder. Some activist groups are urging the #fashion industry to ban the promotion of size “0” fashion trends. #FunFact


Eating Test Methodology

Okay, here’s a heads up – this explanation is a bit technical. The eating quiz design methodology assumes that disturbance in eating is because of emotional hunger, and not any other psychological conditions or any kind of substance abuse.

Normal Hunger vs Emotional Hunger

Emotional eating is different from true physical hunger as physical hunger develops slowly. Physical hunger has no negative emotions attached to it and after food intake, there is a feeling of fullness and satisfaction with food. Furthermore, there is a link between guilt and dissatisfaction after emotional eating.

How to Deal with Emotional Hunger

Food cravings are not only hard to control, they can become emotionally draining. We end up going into an endless loop of assuring ourselves it won’t happen the next time

Not to worry, dear visitor. We got you covered! Here is a step-by-step emotional eating control technique that actually works:

  1. Acknowledgment – Accept that emotional eating is not the right coping strategy, along with the fact that it can be controlled with the right mindset and a little bit of determination.
  2. Make notes – Take a mental or physical note of ‘what’ and ‘when’ are you eating. This will give you a clear understanding of your eating habits and their consequences.
  3. Ask for help – Let your friends or family know about your journey to a healthier living. Talk about your emotional needs and try to make them understand why this is important to you.
  4. Exercise & Yoga – Make exercise your priority. Stretching exercises and relaxation exercises like yoga and meditation can go a long way in maintaining a good physical & emotional state.
  5. Positive Self-talk – Happy and good thoughts can trick your mind to believe in the positive side of the situation. Use positive affirmations to manage emotional hunger and upgrade your lifestyle.

Hope this helps! If you liked this eating personality test, you could check out our other blogs, watch videos, or learn more about our services.

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