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Dating An Alcoholic : When It’s Time To Leave

Dating an Alcoholic: When it's time to leave

Alcoholism is a serious addiction that may have negative consequences for both, the individual that suffers from it, and their loved ones. Alcoholism can lead to financial issues, stress from managing home obligations on one’s own, and frequent disagreement with a partner. 

You can find a lot of information concerning dealing with dating someone with alcoholism. Some people believe they should stay with the alcoholic and attempt to help them get clean, while others believe they should split up because of how negatively their life is affected by their partner. 

This article helps you determine how to cope with someone who suffers from alcoholism, and reassess whether or not it is time to take a break from them. 

Dating an Alcoholic: Signs and Symptoms

Do they have a relationship with an alcoholic? Maybe they’ve thought to themselves, “How can they know if they are dating an alcoholic?” If they are not sure their spouse has an alcohol issue, there are certain warning signals to look for. Here are some indicators that someone may be suffering from alcoholism: