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Search from our directory of couples therapists and relationship counselors to resolve conflicts in your marriage and build an intimate connection.

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About Online Couples Therapy

What Does a Couples Counselor Do?

A couples counselor helps identify and resolve conflicts in a relationship to form a stronger bond between partners.

What to Expect in a Couples Counseling Session?

In a couples counseling session, the counselor or therapist discusses the relationship history and asks each partner about the problems faced in the relationship. Relationship stress will be an important part of the counseling session, and the therapist will discuss any parenting, communication or intimacy issues.

Will I Always Attend the Session with My Partner?

Couples counseling sessions involve both partners. However, individual sessions are usually conducted to focus on any problems a person might be facing that is affecting the relationship with their partner. In sessions involving both partners, the therapist focuses on creating a stronger bond in the relationship.

What if My Partner is Having an Affair? Does Couples Therapy Help Cheating Partners?

Although you might think that a relationship is never the same again after infidelity, in many cases, a relationship actually improves after an affair. This happens because couples gain a deeper understanding of their relationship, come to mutual agreements, and look for ways to make their bond stronger.

Do I Still Need Counseling if I Want to Break Up or End My Relationship with My Partner?

Even if you do not want to continue a relationship with your partner, couples counseling helps by enabling partners to thoughtfully break up with honor and end the relationship on good terms. This helps each partner have trust in a healthy future relationship and move on successfully.

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