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7 Parenting Tips for Kids with Autism

Raising a kid with autism[1] is a reality for countless parents with several everyday life challenges. Primary, doctors study the developmental and behavioural history of the child to detect the possibility of autism[4]. Parenting tips for autism are essential for a structured idea while caring for autistic children. Developing a treatment plan: While deciding on a treatment plan, parents must remember that every child on the autism spectrum has unique characteristics, and no one treatment is suitable for all cases. Parental support is one of the critical elements for an autistic child to succeed in the world. Check their website for more information. 2] Wikipedia contributors, “Autism spectrum,” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 18-Jul-2022. [

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Impacts of Neurotransmitters (Serotonin and Dopamine) on depression and anxiety

It has billions of neurons that smoothly communicate a message from one part to another. However, long-lasting feelings of anxiety can point towards anxiety disorders. The symptoms of anxiety include: Changes in neurotransmitters are one of the many factors that lead to depression and anxiety. Low levels of this pleasure-causing neurotransmitter can lead to depression, while excessive amounts of dopamine can contribute to aggression, impaired impulse control, hyperactivity, ADHD. Studies suggest regular mindfulness meditation can improve your serotonin levels and lift your mood.

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Is cortisol responsible for diabetes and hypertension?

Cortisol is a steroid hormone that belongs to the class of glucocorticoid hormones. Consistent glucose production can lead to high sugar levels and induce diabetes. The cortisol hormone is essential for maintaining blood flow in the body. Though the causative factor is yet unknown, increased cortisol levels for diabetes and hypertension raise the glucose content in the body. An intense workout increases cortisol levels which, however, decreases after a while. Therefore, a balance of cortisol hormone in the body is required.

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Why Is Mindful Eating Important to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle?

Mealtimes are typically hurried occurrences for many people due to their hectic lifestyles. As mindful eaters learn to slow down and appreciate meals and snacks more than before, they look for pleasure from the food they eat, which helps in following a balanced diet in the long run. Learning about where food comes from and how it’s cooked helps build a relationship with food. According to a new study , there is an inextricable link between microbiota and mental health. When one adds societal prejudices about body size and form, it’s easy to see why so many people have resorted to self-blame and self-shame when it comes to eating. Chew thoroughly: Chew thoroughly until the meal’s flavor is detected.

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How Can False Promises Kill You?

In recent years, fad diets have become increasingly fashionable. It causes an increase in blood glucose levels, which triggers the creation of insulin, a hormone that encourages the storage of excess nutrients as fat. When a person restricts fat or carbs in their diet, the body releases certain hormones to counter the condition, promoting increased cravings for these absent macronutrients. Fad diets can also cause the following issues: Spotting a Fad diet is effortless. It will transform life when one combines with modest physical activity.

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HIIT Workout – Is It Good for All?

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training entails short bursts of different intense workouts in alternate to low-intensity recovery spans. Even SIT studies and research focusing on intervals reveal similar advantages of HIIT workouts. If a person is not used to such exercises, they might hurt their joints and muscles, causing strains and sprains. Sharpens brain and improves memory According to a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), certified by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), Annie Mulgrew , HIIT requires people to concentrate correctly on what they are doing. The study also suggests that it can destabilise blood sugar and backfire if an individual’s goal is improving fitness and health.

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Is Intermittent Fasting a Scientific Method for Losing Weight?

Fasting is the controlled, voluntary abstinence from food for various reasons. Although there are many fasting methods, intermittent fasting has shown the best results in losing weight and is easy to start. Food intake is restricted to less than three meals per day and consumed in a time-constrained regime. During the fasting state, roughly eight hours after eating, glucose levels are low, and the body gets the required glucose from the stored glycogen. As a result, the body will begin to burn fat, and eventually, there will be less fat, which helps lose weight. However, it is not a guaranteed method as different people have different body metabolisms, and one type of fasting may not fit everyone. Intermittent fasting is a fantastic idea with promising results.

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How Does Separation Anxiety in Kids Impact Their Psychological Well Being?

When parents say goodbye after dropping kids off at school, it’s natural for the kid to feel nervous. In some cases, separation anxiety is severe enough to interfere with daily activities such as school and friendships, and it lasts for months rather than days. According to experts , environmental and biological factors can lead to separation anxiety in kids. Separation anxiety in kids can coexist with other mental illnesses. There are a variety of treatments for separation anxiety in children that may be employed, including: The symptoms determine the child’s treatment with other factors like age and overall health. Treatment for SAD usually consists of a combination of the following: teaches a kid how to manage their anxiety more effectively and assist them in overcoming situations that may cause stress.

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Internet Addiction in Kids? 7 Simple Steps That Can Help

Studies suggest that kids aged 8 to 18 spend over 40 hours every week on screen, and their parents are concerned that uncontrollable use of the internet prevents them from real-world experiences. Social media and smartphone usage influence the production of a chemical called dopamine. Any trigger or stressful event makes them run for their digital devices, similar to an addiction. Poor development of this part can have a detrimental effect on social and interpersonal skills. Instead of scolding, you should identify if your child is addicted to the internet. Most children have shifted to digital media boredom.

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Does Stress Cause Cancer?

Stress is psychological pain or an emotional strain that may occur in response to emotional and physical changes or events in the surroundings. However, excessive stress can lead to significant health issues such as strokes, mental illness, or even life-threatening diseases such as cancer. It can damage the body tissues and cause inflammation, headaches, ulcers, and decrease the sexual desire in a person. Therefore, one should make efforts to get rid of the stress. Here are a few measures to cope with stress: Exercise regularly : Exercise decreases the stress hormones in the body and increases the production of endorphins. It will not only keep one healthy but also boost the immune system. More involvement with family and friends : Family is a strength.

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