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Find an Anxiety Therapist in India

Search from our directory of anxiety counselors and therapists for anxiety disorder to diagnose and treat the symptoms of anxiety disorder.

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How to Book a Therapist for Anxiety

You can instantly book an anxiety counselor in 3 simple steps.

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About Online Anxiety Therapy

What Does an Anxiety Therapist Do?

An anxiety therapist helps identify and diagnose the symptoms of anxiety disorder, and teach techniques for coping with anxiety or anxiety attacks.

What Happens in an Anxiety Therapy Session?

In an anxiety therapy session, the therapist will try to understand the patient’s interpersonal issues and the triggers for their anxiety symptoms. The patient will learn to live a healthier life by effectively coping with their anxiety and prevent the symptoms from happening in the future.

How Many Sessions Do I Need for Controlling My Anxiety?

In cases with moderate anxiety, a patient will begin to see a noticeable change in 10-18 anxiety therapy sessions. Cases with severe anxiety might take up to 24-30 sessions.

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