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On the United We Care mental health platform, you can find licensed de-addiction counselors and rehabilitation therapists who are trained to help addicts recover from their addiction and treat substance abuse disorder.

What is Addiction?

Do you know someone who is struggling to quit smoking or drinking, especially when it interferes with their daily functioning? They might be an addict.

Addiction is a mental illness characterized by compulsive engagement behavior despite being aware of its harmful consequences.


Types of Addiction

There are 2 types of addictions:

  • Substance Addiction, such as alcohol addiction, drug addiction, prescription medication addiction, etc.
  • Behavior Addiction, such as porn addiction, kleptomania, pyromania, internet gaming disorder, cell phone addiction, eating disorder, sex addiction, social media addiction, etc.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

The common symptoms of addictions are:

  • Constantly seeking ways to satisfy the addictive craving of a substance or behavior
  • Failure to stop using an addictive substance
  • Avoidance of social gatherings or important activities due to an addictive behavior
  • Continued denial of the addictive behavior despite knowing its physical and psychological effects
  • Cravings for addictive substance or behavior


Causes of Addiction

Whenever an addictive substance is consumed or an addictive behavior is engaged, the reward center of the brain releases ‘feel-good’ chemicals that reward the addictive behavior. An addict seeks to repeatedly cause the release of these feel-good chemicals by the reward center of the brain.

Genetic or Hereditary Causes

Addiction can be caused due to genetic or hereditary reasons. Genes play a major role in a person’s character traits. People have a high risk of developing addictive behavior whose close family members have addiction problems.

Environmental Factors

Environment also plays an important role in developing addictive behavior. For e.g.: peer pressure, drugs available at home or school, poor neighborhood, irresponsible parents, etc.

Childhood Trauma

Negative childhood experiences such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, family members with mental illness, or family members with addiction problems can lead to addiction.


Effects of Addiction

Addiction can result in misjudgments, problems in decision-making, memory and behavioral control. Excessive use of the desired substance can cause neurological changes in the brain, which can result in several bodily and mental dysfunctions. Addictive disorder can also give rise to other psychological conditions such as anxiety disorder, OCD or delusional disorders.

Am I an Addict? | Diagnosing Addiction

Diagnosing addiction isn’t always easy, there is a thin line between substance abuse, dependence, and addiction. You can check if you exhibit any signs and symptoms of addiction, which will give you an idea on the severity of the situation. However, it is highly recommended to seek the help of a medical professional to find out whether you have substance use disorder, so as to prevent long-term mental or physical damage.


Online De-Addiction Therapy

The first step to overcoming addiction is to recognize and acknowledge that you are an addict. Once you are ready to quit, the best option for conquering addiction and overcoming substance abuse is therapist-led online addiction counseling in addition with medication prescribed by the counselor or therapist.

Find an Addiction Counselor

Alcohol Addiction Treatment | Natural Remedies to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Here are a few natural ways to control alcohol addiction:

Listing Your Cravings

Try to make a diary for listing your cravings for the substance in a day. Write down the number in your diary as soon as you experience a craving. In this manner, you can keep a track of your urges and take necessary actions to control them.

Find a Hobby

Find an activity that you enjoy doing and try to master it. This will keep you engaged and will give you a feeling of accomplishment as well.

Physical Activity

Exercising can provide a pleasurable and rewarding feeling which is similar to the feelings induced by addictive substances. Remember, these are simple things that you can do yourself at home to keep your mind away from addiction and to stay calm. However, we strongly advise a visit to a qualified medical health professional for the treatment of addiction.

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